Carbon Collective, Wheel Wand – Barrel Brush

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Our Barrel Brush is designed with a 45° angle head, allowing you to safely clean deep into your wheel barrel’s & rear faces.

Designed to tackle even the most intricate of wheels, unlike traditional brushes, our Wheel Wands are created from the finest Merino wool,  safe on even the most delicate of finishes, the deep wool pile lifts dirt away from the surface into the long fibres, preventing damage to the surface

Agility is the key with any wheel brushes, our minimalistic handles allow you to manoeuvre the heads into the smallest nooks and crannies with no restrictions, they are incredibly strong and can withstand large amounts of pressure.

  • Large 16.5″ 14mm Wand 45° Angle Head

Our Wheel Wands works great with shampoo’s,  snow foams and Neutral PH wheel cleaners, steer clear of strong TFR’s,Wheel Cleaners & Chemicals (these can cause the Merino Wool heads and glue to disintegrate)


Paino 0.5 kg