Liquid Elements T3000 V2 10mm Epäkeskokiillotuskone Megasetti

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T3000 V2 Epäkeskokiillotuskone soveltuu kaikille aloittelijoista ammattilaisiin! Ergonominen muotoilu yhdessä tarkan elektroniikan kanssa takaavat miellyttävän ajotuntuman.

Megasetti sisältää:

1 x Liquid Elements T3000 V2 kiillotuskoneen

1 x Liquid Elements Centriforce  – Kiillotuslaikka oranssi (medium) 125mm

1 x Liquid Elements Centriforce – Kiillotuslaikka Tumman punainen (karkea) 125mm

1 x Liquid Elements Centriforce – Kiillotuslaikka keltainen (hieno) 125mm

1 x Liquid Elements Pad Prime 100ml

1 x Liquid Elements Red Snapper Mikrokuituliina 40x40cm 400GSM


Liquid Elements T3000 V2 Epäkeskokillotuskone 10 mm

The improved version of the Liquid Elements T3000 with a better electronically robust interior and a better feel and appearance.
The newly developed constant current electronics give this polishing machine a special plus in torque and therefore polishing performance.
Unlike its predecessor, this machine has a lot of power even with higher loads.
Almost like an eccentric polisher with forced rotation, the Liquid Elements T3000 V2
polishes itself through scratches and paint defects to get the perfect result to be achieved.
The 6-speed polishing machine is ideal for every application, whether it is waxing a car or polishing scratches.

Technical data:

Power consumption: 900 watts
10mm eccentric stroke
Perfect constant electronics
Operating voltage: 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Speed: 2,500 – 6,500 min-1
Cable length: 6 m
Polishing stroke: 10 mm
Thread connection: 5/16 ”-24
Polishing plate diameter: 125 mm
Certified according to: CE
Included accessories:

Liquid Elements T3000 V2
125 mm Velcro plate already installed
transport cardboard
Extra carbon brushes
side handle


Level 1-2: Apply wax or seal
Level 3-4: Polish the vehicle, for example with a high-gloss polish
Level 5-6: abrasive for removing deep scratches