Air Lift Autopilot 3S – 1/4″ Ohjaus puhelinsovelluksella


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Air Lift 3S

Uutuustuote Air Lift Performancelta!

Nykyaikainen manuaalinen ilma-alustan ohjausjärjestelmä, jossa älupuhelimesi toimii ohjaimena. Lataa sovellus puhelimeesi ja saat yhteyden venttiiliyksikköön ilman muita lisälaitteita. Saatavilla myös Air Liftin APV2 tai ALP3 -ohjaimella, kysy tarjous!

Air Lift Performance 3S Specifications:

  • Manual ventilation of up to 4 spring struts (no pressure sensors, so no automatic control).
  • Working pressure up to 13.8 bar (200 PSI).
  • Valve block size equal to 3P / 3H.
  • Valve control and Bluetooth integrated in the valve block.
  • 1/8″ NPT ports on the back of the block to connect 5 sensors (FL, FR, RL, RR, Tank) for pressure reading.
  • Four harness versions available:
  • Only APP (3-cable connection)
  • For Manual Switchbox (11-cable connection)
  • With Air Lift Performance 3P display (3-cable + USB connection)
  • With Air Lift Performance V2 Display (3-cable + USB connection)
  • All versions work with the free Android and iOS app.
  • The free app supports the configuration of 3 time-based presets, with which multiple struts can be inflated or deflated with a double tap.
  • The 3S ALP3 display can be used to enable time-based presets, which are configured via the app.
  • Two configurable buttons on the app and the ALP3 display.
  • The 3S ALP3 display can be upgraded to a 3H display if you would like to upgrade to a 3H.
  • The wiring harness of the switchbox version can be used with a standard switchbox.
  • In conjunction with the Switchbox wiring harness, the 3S can be used with other independent wheel controls for the aftermarket that use the 12-speed switch positions of 8-wire technology (FL-up, FL-down, FR-up, FR-down, RL- up, RL-down, RR-up, RR-down)
  • The valve block supports wake-on-bluetooth, which allows the system to be controlled when the ignition is off. You can activate the control outside the vehicle via APP and it will be disabled after 1 minute of inactivity.


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