FAHRWairK comp2 kompressori, kromi

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Mäntäkompressori FAHRWairK comp2, 12V, kromi

Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI

Flowrate: 2.54 CFM (Cubik pro Minute)

maximum 200 PSI = 13,8 bar

Fuse: 40A (not included)

L / W / H = ca. 27,5cm / 10,5cm / 17 cm

1/4 steel braided hose with check valve

To ensure problem-free operation of your compressor, the following points must be observed: The compressor may only be operated with a 40A fuse! A higher or lower amperage of the fuse is not allowed. If you use several compressors, each compressor needs its own fuse. The compressor may only be installed and operated in water and heat protected areas. The compressor is a dry runner and therefore does not require any oil for lubrication. The compressor may only be operated with a functioning and fully charged vehicle battery, otherwise the coil of the compressor may be damaged by the high starting current (if the voltage is too low). Ensure sufficient fastening and conductivity of the ground cable from the compressor to the body. For fresh air supply must always be taken care of.


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